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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Use Somebody...For Her Skin"

Here's the highly anticipated follow-up to "Taco Heaven" ( My writing partner and I threw this together last night. We are deeply disturbed.

We put it up on YouTube and FunnyOrDie, so if you like it, please be sure to visit both links and rate it/comment favorably. If you don't like're wrong.


FunnyOrDie (vote!):

I've embedded it, too, so you can watch it here, but please go to the actual sites...for me... Enjoy!


  1. now i know why u and adam always shut up when i approach your table at mm. lookin at my hostess...little did i know u secretly wanted to kill her. or me.

  2. Haha. We'd only kill you if you got in the way...

  3. It's more like Jeepers Creepers meet Texas Chainsaw Massacre! You guys are quite disturbed! If only I can take a peak at your dreams...I wonder what I would see! Haha.