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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sagely Advice

I used to feel that comedy trumped all. If an opportunity presented itself to make a funny joke or comment, you had to take it, and people just needed to be okay with whatever you said because it was clearly meant as a joke and the point was to make people laugh, and diffuse whatever shit people were taking too seriously anyway. Like, if you're in a fight with a girlfriend, or something, and she's mad at you because you laughed at something you shouldn't have, and when she's yelling at you about it, you make a joke because you couldn't pass up the moment...

ANGRY GIRLFRIEND: My grandma almost choked to death on a hot dog today--

ME: That's not the first time she's choked from shoving too much down her throat...

ANGRY GIRLFRIEND: (Incredulous, enraged silence.)

But, one thing I've learned with age: just because it's funny, doesn't mean you have to do or say it. A hard lesson learned/still being learned...

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