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Sunday, January 23, 2011


So some of my friends have begun blogs, and I thought I'd be a good friend to them, as well as helpful to yous, my readers, by sharing their links here.  Might not be for everyone, but options are always nice . . . except when you become so overwhelmed by all the stuff you want to see that it leads to complete paralysis and the sweet release of death seems like the only real option left! . . . Then they're not so nice, I guess.  Here you go anyway:

1. Sports: Here's how my friend describes it: "A few friends and I utilize self-deprecating humor and esoteric sports knowledge to keep people in the know in the weirdest way possible." -

2. Trendy Hipster Walks in Brooklyn: Self-explanatory -

3. Girl Talk: Not the cooool mash-up masters that everyone loves to love, but a girl...talking...about guys and shit -

4. T-shirts: Some of my friends are even minorities!  This particular fella has chosen to embrace his Border roots and produce cutesy Spanglish T-shirts for your amusement (and money).  There are just a few up now, but more to come soon: . . . He also has a personal blog, in case you're curious (

[The Curmudgeon does not necessarily endorse the opinions purveyed in the above online publications (unless they're funny). He is merely choosing to help his friends because he is a selfless angel from Heaven.]

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