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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Current Top 10

Because, why the hell not?  I had a half hour to kill.  Here are the 10 girls I've been most infatuated with of late:

1. Olivia Munn (video game nerd/Daily Show correspondent)

2. Stormi Henley (former Miss Teen USA/American Idol constestant...briefly)

3. Alexandra Lawn (of Ra Ra Riot)

4. Grace Park (hot actress in new crapfest remake of Hawaii Five-O)

5. Sofia Back D'Elia (from MTV's Skins)

6. Sofia Vergara (Modern Family, butt)

7. Kherington Payne (former SYTYCD contestant)

8. Ivana Milicevic (actress I've always loved)

9. Jessica Biel (duh)

10. I couldn't commit to a number 10.  I live in LA; number 10 changes daily.  Lake Bell and Jessica Alba were strong considers, but let's be honest...this is almost completely arbitrary.

This was fun...for me.


  1. You failed to mention that you can't com within 300 yards of no fewer than six of those women.

  2. Besides, those restraining orders are all pending...

  3. It was fun for me too. HUGE fan of Sofia Vergara.