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Thursday, July 28, 2011

You Go, Girl!

Biker chicks are hot.

The gist of my friend and his girlfriend's thoughts after seeing a scantily clad chubby girl who they decided had been obese before and lost a lot of weight, and was therefore comfortable showing that amount of skin despite still being kind of sloppy:

Just because a fat girl loses a ton of weight, it doesn't automatically make her hot...  Although, there's probably a good chance she'll do a lot more in bed because she's so excited to show off her sleeker body and flaunt her newfound confidence stemming from a spike in male interest.  Plus, she'll probably have cultivated a pretty good personality by then, out of necessity, from all those years of being fat.  Those are some pretty big pluses!

Were they trying to convince me to bang a fat chick?


  1. ha. pluses from being plus-sized. i'm funny. it must be my fat ass...

  2. A fat ass AND funny? . . . Sounds good to me.