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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Defective Children

My friend recently got married. He's 40, his wife is 33. They're both awesome and are in no rush with the big life stuff like kids. But, he and I were walking one day and we saw a dad with his little baby in a baby bjorn, and my buddy goes, "Can you imagine? That could be me in five years."

And I was like, hmm, that's crazy, but I guess it also makes sense. Women have that there clock to worry about, and his wife would be almost 40 in five years, and they say the longer you wait to have kids, the greater the chance that the baby isn't healthy. He acknowledged this and then said, "If only there were a way to delay another five years..."

So I asked him, "If you could be given an extra five years, but you knew your kid would definitely be one of those sick, weak-immune-system, spontaneous-nose-bleed kids, nothing life threatening or majorly debilitating, as a result, would you do it?"

He thought about it for a minute, laughed, and then said, "No. . . . But what does it say about me that I'd consider it?!"

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