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Friday, November 5, 2010

JAM It Up Your Ass, Brah

I hate guitar solos, and I hate the people who obsessively like them. Same goes for jams and jam bands...ugh. Why are you so excited that Phish played a 74-minute version of one of their already-shitty songs?! (Sorry, Dave, Danny, and Micah.) That's retarded, not a selling point! You should be demanding a refund for the cost of your ticket!

Now, that being said, I fucking love the guitar solo at around the four-minute mark of Dinosaur Jr.'s "Get Me." I'm a hypocrite. So what? It's my blog; I do what I want. Listen to it. So good...

I couldn't find the original album version with the solo I like, but this is a good acoustic version:

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