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Thursday, August 4, 2011

La La La! I'm Not Listening!

"Inspector Todd, that's how big the tranny's butthole was!"

My little brother was mocking my belief that women's buttholes are exclusively vestigial because they do not make poopies, so he texted me, "God.  I can't wait for if and when you move in with a girl, and she gets explosive diarrhea.  You can call me on that glorious day!"

So I wrote back, "I will.  . . . Because I'll need a place to stay."


  1. Here's how it's going to go...
    You move in together, and because she knows you have this weird thing about "poopies" she'll always turn on the shower/sink so you can't hear what's going on. THEN after some time she will stop. Since you live together and she's probably heard you taking care of your business on a daily basis she just won't give a fuck if you hear her dropping a load. Unfortunately for you she's smart and at this point she'll already have a ring on her finger since you think she's super non pooper and you'll be SHIT outta luck! ha

  2. Well, duh, you just solved the problem right there: don't buy her no ring, 'ey!