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Monday, July 20, 2009

New York's Hairy Taint

So, just as I was actually enjoying my New York City visit, the one consistently positive aspect of this city, the subway system, became tainted. While cycling through the options on the automated Metro Card machine one night, I noticed the 1-Day Unlimited option, or "1-Day Fun Pass," as it's called (because riding the subway is apparently equivalent to being at an amusement park, or something). For $8.25, this option is good for an unlimited number of subway rides during a one-day period . . . or so they lead you to believe.

Turns out, "one day" only means "from whenever you buy the card until 3:00am." Soooo, despite official definitions and scientific calculations as to the average amount of time it takes the Earth to make one rotation on its axis, The New York City Transit Department is okay with REdefining what constitutes "a day" and stealing your money. Somehow, they can get away with claiming that the hour from 2:00am-3:00am counts as a full day. Explain to me how that makes any sense.

Fuck you, MTA! I'm actually going to call to try to get my money back, not because I'm a cheap Jew, but because of principle! Wish me luck . . .


  1. dude, yous wanna talk about "nyc taint" ? I got a PARKING TICKET while DRIVING in my car from an NYC Cop....explain that one !

  2. I had a warrant out for my arrest in NYC for something I allegedly did in my car and failure to show up to court...I have never been to NY in my car. I took a "Let 'em come and get me" attitude. My MOTHER freaked out and sent them a wad of cash. Never heard from them again about it.