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Saturday, October 9, 2010

All for Naught

I hate theater. Plays, musicals . . . I'm sorry, but they're just awful. Yes, all of them. Singing your lines? Seriously? Get the fuck out of my face with that. It just requires way too much suspension of disbelief. I can't get into it.

Look, I understand why plays were great when that was the best we could do, but we've advanced since then! You don't see people using ice boxes anymore; we stopped when the refrigerator came along. That's why we have movies now, where we get to make sure everything looks and sounds right (theoretically, of course. In actuality, most of these are complete shit bombs, too...just not as bad as plays) before we parade them around for public consumption. You're not confined to one stage or limited set dressing and props, or constrained by the time it takes your actors to change outfits...

Yes, I appreciate that much theater is very artfully written, and I appreciate that live performances require much more skill and effort on the part of the actors...I just don't care! I care about the end product. It's wasted effort, if you ask me.

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