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Thursday, December 23, 2010


So there's a new MTV show (yes, that MTV, but stay with me here) called The Vice Guide To Everything, and it's pretty damn interesting.  As usual with half hour non-fiction, they're forced to squeeze too much into too small a window, and you find yourself frustrated that you're not being provided with a more thorough, complete education on each topic.  So far they've gone to North Korea, hung out with Russian mobsters, patronized a mom-and-pop strip club at someone's parents' house in Detroit, visited a Mexico-border-crossing theme park, and most recently, this

This video is of the most recent episode in its entirety, because they didn't provide smaller clips of individual segments, but I'm posting it because I want you to watch just the opening segment and marvel.  It's footage of an annual arms, as in weaponry, convention, that is attended by high-level military personnel of pretty much every country.  Yes, officials from warring armies have the audacity to mill about the same convention center smiling and shaking hands with each other, while purchasing weapons they will then use to kill each other.  Countries' weapon manufacturers will sell weapons to their friend's enemies, their enemies' friends, or even directly to their enemies themselves, even though those weapons will be used against them . . . though not personally, of course.  Just against the lowly underlings they command, who happen to be humans.  It's completely absurd, and highlights the meaninglessness of everything, I think.  Seriously, the government doesn't give a shit if you die, as long as the people in charge, and their cronies, are living well.

Wallow in the despicability:

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