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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Kiddie Pool

I went on a date with a young girl a few months back.  And while this is nothing new, this was the first time I just felt like I was out with a kid.  She wasn't even stupid.  It's just, the amount of knowledge you acquire over the course of an extra decade of life may create too much of a gap.  I can't believe I'm actually saying that.  Still, I couldn't wait to see her again...sooo hot...


  1. She was probably thinking how hot it is to date a guy who can grow hair out of his nose and ears. But seriously, young girls only want old dudes with money. Why was she out with you?

  2. Thank you for understanding, John.

    LAM, I exude an air of sophistication and class that can (almost) only come from a life of privilege... Okay, I'm broke; I have no idea why.

  3. just for context, how young is really young?