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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Legs & Grapes

I was staying at my buddy's apartment in NYC last month, and I was shuffling home at about 3:00AM one night. As I was walking in, a girl with long, tan, beautiful legs was entering in front of me. I was kinda pumped to get in the elevator with her . . . and then she turned around. Face? . . . Not so much. But, I'm an affable guy, and she was holding some grapes, so I decided to make a human connection, "Some late-night grapes, huh." To which she raised her upper lip and, with great effort, managed a "Yeah."

Fuck you! I was trying to be friendly! You're not even cute, as it turns out. You don't get to be a bitch!


  1. So much better than my title. Another friend suggested Sour Grapes. Also good. I wrote it in a rush. I missed a golden opportunity bleddy prawn...