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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rich Man's Burden

This is a great article from Bill Maher. It supports what I've suspected all along: social consciousness has to be the responsibility of the wealthy because it's hard to blame someone who's struggling to get by for doing whatever he/she has to do to feed his/her family. That's why it drives me nuts when people get mad at the impoverished citizens of third world countries who kill endangered species or destroy rare, rain forest habitats. Hold the people who are paying money for that to happen accountable, not the ones working their asses off doing whatever they have to do to survive.

Sorry. Deal with it, rich people. You don't like it? Give up your money and people will stop expecting things of you. Something tells me you wouldn't be alright with that trade off, though, because you're happy where you are. So shhhh. As Chris Rock says, "Sometimes, the people with the most shit, get to say the least shit, and the people with the least shit, get to say the most shit. So if you wanna say more shit, get rid of some of your shit!"

Here's the Bill Maher article:

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