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Friday, February 4, 2011

Buzz Killingtons

Mexicans, Blacks, Jews, Gays . . . they all seem to have pretty good senses of humor when it comes to people poking fun at their denominations.  The most humorless people in the world?  Religious Christians and Muslims.  How annoying are these people?  It's like two groups comprised entirely of members who take themselves really really seriously . . . and those are the worst kind of people.  They really need to learn perspective.

These people exist as members of general population, as well, but mainly as outliers.  We all know that one jackass who ruins every joke by knowing someone who's afflicted by whatever it is you're making fun of.  You make a racist joke, and he goes, "My friend is black, and his dad was lynched."  You make a mom joke, his mom's dead.  You say "retard," his brother's Gilbert Fucking Grape.

I knew a guy like this growing up, and someone made an orange juice joke.  Orange juice!  Everyone was laughing, and then parade-rainer goes, "I knew this guy, who was tripping on acid, and he thought he was a cup of orange juice, and he wouldn't let anyone touch him because he was scared he would spill," which I thought was actually funnier than the original joke.  But no.  He couldn't even let me have that.  He followed that one up with, "No, I'm serious.  It was really bad.  His parents had to put him in a mental institution and everything."

Uggghhhhh . . .

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