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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Robin Hood That Shit!

You know how when celebrities go to restaurants, or bars, or clubs, they get treated like royalty and are often comped?  I take issue with this.  Why is the wealthiest, most successful person in the establishment getting his/her shit for free?  It's insulting.

So I propose the following: every time a rich and famous person dines out and the management would have covered his/her tab, one lucky table of other, regular diners gets its meal on the house, and the celebrity, who now pays for his own meal, gets the credit.  Like, "Gentlemen, your meal is on the house this evening, courtesy of young Master Bieber..."  Bieber tips his fresh-out-of-the-box purple Yankees cap to you, you nod back...  Everyone wins in this scenario!  The randomly selected table enjoys a surprise gift, the rich dude feels good about himself, and restaurant management probably ends up covering a cheaper tab because the comped patrons didn't know their meal was going to be free prior to ordering, while also drumming up a little extra business with a new gimmick... Whaddaya think?!

Then again, maybe people who haven't done anything special enough to be rich and recognized don't deserve a free ride...those useless, faceless, sycophantic leeches...

(Just so yous know, I wrote this post BEFORE I found the accompanying picture.  I had no idea Bieber had a purple Yankees hat.  That was just supposed to be a joke.)


  1. Never thought of that, but absolutely right. I already had issue with the rich folk getting free stuff, but passing the free back out to us paupers would be nice.

    But on second thought, the celeb-elite probably spend the majority of their time in places I couldn't afford in the first place...

  2. Eh, in LA they slum with us peons all the time...