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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Carolla Steals My Shit

I had a rant all planned out about rescue animals, but then my friend sent me this link to some bloviating by Adam Carolla, in which that very subject matter is broached.  I can't, in good conscience, write the same stuff now that I know it's been done, so I'll at least let you enjoy his version:


  1. dislike, stupidhead. not about being a hero, but I do think it IS nicer to get a dog that has been treated horribly or abandoned and is living in a kennel. nothing about having any dog is cheap. and to some degree, you are taking more of a risk that your dog will have behavioral issues, so I do think it is a respectable thing to do. and most of the time, "she/he's a rescue" is in response to someone asking about breed or age and it's a quick way to explain that you don't have much information about the dog's origin.

  2. sure, if an opinion that contradicts yours and having actual experience with the subject=defensive