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Friday, March 25, 2011

Traffic: Solved! . . . Partially

A few mornings ago, there were three different old people badly holding up rush-hour traffic at three separate junctures.  Like, severely fucking up the flow of traffic for everyone involved.  Now, I used to be all for keeping the elderly off the roads altogether, but I recognize that's unrealistic, impractical, and probably unfair.  (I still propose mandatory annual driving tests for anyone 70 and over, though.)

Anyway, this recent experience inspired a solution that I think could work: old people can't drive during morning and evening rush hours.  Simple and elegant.  It unclogs the roads at the busiest driving times and causes less stress for those older drivers who can't really handle busy roads at those high-traffic hours.  Whereas in the past, they might've been embarrassed to admit to being overwhelmed by the bustling activity of rush hour, now they'd have the perfect out, "I wish I could drive there now, but it's against the law!  My hands are tied."  Win-win.  Winning...