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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Driving Eitquette

The other day, I was in the right lane at a red light, and the woman in the middle lane frantically waved at me to indicate she needed to get over into my lane.  I naturally assumed she needed to make a right at the light and kindly obliged.  Wrong.  Turns out she was just a diseased whore who proceeded to drive 20 miles per hour, right in front of me, preventing me from getting over into the middle lane because all the cars with non-whore operators were whizzing by.

You don't get to plead with wild gesticulations just to cut someone off; you can only do that if you're going to miss your turn or exit . . . and even then, it's at the driver you're motioning to's discretion.  Die.

(I typed "diseased whore" into Google Images, and pictures of Paris Hilton kept popping up...)


  1. I hear she has the "diseased whore" market cornered actually

  2. There were a couple Lohan pics peppered throughout, as well. Haha.