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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Animators Are Sexist

Has anyone noticed that all the human women in Pixar movies look the same? The men are all pretty varied, in body type, facial structure, hairstyle . . . but look at the women in these things. They all have similar haircuts, the same body, the same face.

I don't think it's conscious, but it is rather conspicuous. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the kids who were comic-book-obsessed, Dungeons-&-Dragons-playing, math nerds grew up to be adult computer nerds who aren't really all that familiar with women. So when they create all these strikingly similar female characters, they're not actually being sexist, but, in fact, just experientially deprived of sexual variety. They're just tapping into their limited experience of what they've gathered a woman should look like.

I tried to find a few stills from a couple of these movies to illustrate my point, but I couldn't find anything that great. I think these kind of give you the idea:

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