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Sunday, January 24, 2010

You're So Vain; You Probably Think This Post Is About You

It is . . . if you're a r'tard with a personalized license plate. Came across a few new vanity plates that I needed to share with you:

1. EDS ETKT - First rule of etiquette, Ed, don't get a personalized license plate.

2. E5SCAPE - Yes, that's the number "5" and the letter "S." This jackass was driving a Miata. Hey, buddy, I hope if you get in a car accident, you don't E5SCAPE the fiery wreckage of your crumpled toy car.

3. FITGRMA - Disgusting. I don't want to associate a grandma with anything anatomical. Now you're assaulting my intellect and my gag reflex. Die already. You're old, and your body's leathery and gross.


  1. Thank you for spelling "r'tard" correctly.

  2. So you're saying you're not going to support my Butters vanity plates?!? Hater.

  3. I might have to be okay with BUTTERS plates...but only if you spell it badly on purpose so that the whole thing is ironic.