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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Okay, so I know the market is sufficiently saturated with LeBron talk, but as a brokenhearted, lifelong Knicks fan, I just needed to everyone. Look, I'm as upset as anyone that he went to the Heat, but don't you think everyone, including the Cavs' owner, is going a little overboard with the venomous critiques?

I'm a Knicks fan. Do you have any idea how hard that is?! (Keep it to yourselves, Cubs fans. No one cares about your mediocre city's mediocre team. You had Jordan. You're forever dead to me for all the times he ripped the Knicks' hearts out of their chests and took a steaming shit on them.) LeBron broke my fucking heart! BUT, he is still a fucking person. Are we really that shocked by his decision?

I mean, I think in the end, he cost himself the opportunity to truly challenge Jordan's legacy. (Keep it to yourselves, too, Kobe fans. Dude has five titles, but he was only Finals MVP for two of those. Jordan was Finals MVP in all six of his.) I think for LeBron to do that, he needed to go to Chicago (the smart choice) or stay in Cleveland (the loyal choice), or maybe go to New York (my choice). In Chicago he would've had a good, young team around him, that he could've carried to the Finals for many years to come, and it would have been his team. In Cleveland, he could've said, I'd rather die trying to bring a championship to my hometown than win somewhere else, and he would've been the loyal hero. In New York . . . I can't even talk about that anymore. He (and his formidable ego...which I think anyone in his position would possess) has to forever live with his decision to not go to these cities.

But let's not play dumb. Miami probably does offer LeBron the best chance of winning, and wasn't that the thing for which he was most heavily criticized?! Not winning a championship? So now he makes a decision to go to a team with the best players so that he has the best opportunity to win championships, and everyone's all over him for it. He gets to play with two of his buddies, who are also incredible basketball players . . . in South Beach! It's his life, his existence, and that sounds like a pretty fucking fun scenario to pass up, does it not? Miami was the fun choice. Can you blame someone for choosing quality of life above all else? So, he opted to have a better life, likely at the expense of ever being known as THE BEST to ever play the game. That's his choice. And, maybe it does mean that he doesn't have that competitive edge that made Jordan the best. So be it.

Ultimately, I guess I feel like a parent: I'm not mad at him . . . just disappointed . . .

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