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Monday, October 5, 2009

J35U5 CHR15T

Saw a couple license plates recently that I felt needed to be mentioned: "JEZUS <3 S," (that <3 is supposed to be a heart, because they actually paid extra to have a heart on their license plate) and "J35U5." So not only was I stuck behind these terrible drivers, but they combined two of my least favorite favorite things: personalized license plates (which are especially irritating when the owners go to such great lengths to get their messages across, even when it requires creative misspellings and numbers in lieu of letters) and Jesus.

Here's another one that pissed me off the other day: KARRPDM. I think they were in a Wrangler. This is supposed to say, "Carpe Diem," I presume, the famous Latin phrase, made even more annoyingly famous by Dead Poets Society, that roughly translates to "seize the day." Ugh. Shave your armpits, lady, and get out of my face. Seize my balls! . . . In your mouth. Hippie.

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