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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The mind is an amazing thing.

I like staying up late. Love it. In fact, I honestly can't remember the last time I fell asleep before 2:00 AM, and that includes international travels. Wherever I am, it's like my body won't let me fall asleep before two in the the earliest. I love the quiet, and the privacy, and the freedom. When I'm up really late, I feel like I hit the PAUSE button on the rest of the world, and while everyone else is frozen in time, I'm doing shit. I'm writing, I'm watching movies, I'm jerking off... Whatever. I never claimed to be curing cancer during this time. I just like that it's my time, and no one else exists. Sometimes I even feel like I'm being super-productive and, like, gaining on everyone, or even getting an upper hand, because they're all asleep! Take that, sleeping morons! Just laying there, all useless-like.

Now, as a result of staying up late, I also sleep in pretty late. While I wake up before 11:00 AM more frequently than I go to sleep before 2:00 AM (which we've established as never)'s not by all that much. So, the counter argument, often championed by my father, is that while I'm sleeping like a "lazy bum," his preferred term of endearment (closely followed by "stranger," used when, God forbid, I don't call for more than 24 hours), everyone else is being really productive and passing terms of net productivity, or something, I guess? Anyway, that's when I say, yeah, while every other schmuck is out there from the break of dawn, running around working his/her ass off, I'm enjoying some pretty sweet R.E.M. sleep! Who wins in that scenario, huh? So, overall, looks like a win-win for me. The Curmudgeon: 2-0.

Like I said, the mind is an amazing thing.

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