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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The United States of Fat

I went to the movies with my little brother recently, and we were circling the parking lot looking for a spot when we noticed that, like, an entire fourth of all the spaces in the garage were designated as handicap spots. Why are there so many handicap parking spots?! My brother thinks it's because of the increase in obesity.

How about this: if you're obese as a result of injury or surgery, fine. But if you're just obese . . . Guess what? Walk! Fucking walk for a change!


  1. Or my personal pet peeve, if you've gotten a disease or have hurt your body because you eat too much, why are you allowed to draw on disability? But yeah, I also don't think handicap placards should be provided for people who can't see that being 400 pounds is too many humans.

  2. I know! Some people have legitimate problems, but any time I see interviews with severely obese people who are crying about how they can't walk, etc, they always run through their diet, and I can't help but think, "Eat less!" Twelve Burger King Whoppers per day is too many. Sorry.