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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What A Bitch!

A guy I know recently broke up with his girlfriend because she was cheating on him. This got me thinking. I know this is going to sound sexist, because, by definition . . . it is, but it's worse when a girl cheats than when a guy does.

I'll wait . . . Ready? Done rolling your eyes and audibly exhaling?

To be clear, neither is remotely okay. But what I'm referring to is the matter of availability. In the words of the wise Chris Rock, "Every woman...ever since you were thirteen, every guy you met's been trying to fuck you!... Women are offered dick every day!" For a woman, for whom it's perpetually available, sex is not such a novelty. For a guy, sex is a much bigger deal. He has to work for it. He's not constantly being propositioned every time he leaves the house! So if a guy is offered sex, it's very difficult for him to turn down because it's a much rarer occurrence. But if a girl can't turn down sex while engaged in a monogamous relationship, and she cheats, it's a more glaring character flaw. She can never be trusted again because she's caved before, and she's going to have many more opportunities, daily, to cave again . . . Well, at least until she's, like, 40, or something. Then the offers kinda taper off, no? Too much?

Guys obviously cheat, too. Probably more than women. This is no surprise. But it usually requires significant effort . . . or the overly aggressive behavior of a very slutty girl.

(Special thanks to "Jonah," DDS...)

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  1. i was wondering if i'd get a mention.