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Friday, April 23, 2010


A few years back, in the aftermath of a bummer of a break-up, I was feeling particularly vulnerable when that Kanye West song, "Stronger," came on. It got to the line where he goes, "There's a thousand yous/There's only one of me," and that actually made me feel better. I was like, "Yeah . . . fuck that bitch. There's a thousand hers and only one of me . . . Yeah . . ." (And I will say, that's kinda the attitude you should have, though I would advise dialing the arrogance level down a notch from Kanye's loftily perched "delusions of grandeur" to somewhere around "mild overconfidence.")

But, almost immediately after finding "strenf" in Kanye's poetic stylings, I realized, I just turned to Kanye "Gay-Fish" West (South Park reference; see links below) for post-break-up consolation! And that ended up making me feel even worse than when the song first came on, because, let's be honest, if Kanye West is your emotional crutch, it's safe to say, you've seen better days . . .

Here's a link to the full South Park episode I referenced. It's only 20 minutes, it's amazing, and I very very highly highly recommend you watch it if you have the time:

Otherwise, here's a link to a quick clip of the end of the episode:


  1. But you didn't go to Tijuana and bang a prostitute to make yourself feel better, so I think you're cool!

  2. ha...or did you?

  3. Haha. Why would I waste all that gas? There are plenty of whores in LA...