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Monday, January 31, 2011

Allow Me To Intervene

Speaking of masterfully crafted A&E television programs, I was just watching Intervention, and I noticed that it bleeped out the word "fuck."  This guy was in bed, dope sick, and he called someone and said, "I'm sick as--" BLEEP! 

They censored it.  This show has people sticking needles in any parts of their bodies imaginable, snorting shit off of floors, cleaning syringes with toilet water, prostituting themselves for drug money...but you can't say "fuck?"  Or "shit?"  Where the fuck are our priorities?!  Who, exactly, are we protecting in this equation?  If a kid caught an episode by accident, are the curse words really going to be the components of the show that haunt his/her ensuing nightmares?  We're so retarded...