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Friday, January 28, 2011

Marty McFly Had One, And That Was The 80's!

One of my students and I were laughing about how in every 80's and 90's movie set in the future, people have flying cars, and now that it is the future (according to those movies), people love to ask, "Where are those flying cars we were promised?!"  So I'll respond:

A.) You couldn't handle extra-dimensional locomotion even if they did have flying cars, you entitled, never-invented-anything-yourself couch potato.  You can't even handle operating an automobile in a planar milieu, so calm yourself about commandeering a jet-propelled motor vehicle.  (I think that made sense.)

B.) Oh, wait.  They do have flying cars.  They're called planes and helicopters.  That's what a flying car is.  What makes a car a car?  Wheels?  Planes and helicopters both have those and can drive.  The technology exists, we just don't all have personal helicopters, or "flying cars," as you call them, because, in a rare display of common sense, legislators know better than to let that happen (see letter A).  Now work on learning how to use a fucking blinker for a change...