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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hmmm... I don't really know where to begin. I'm kind of self-conscious and non-plussed about this whole blog thing, but then I decided that if I continued to keep my perpetually building rage bottled up any longer, I might actually murder someone.

So, consider this my outlet. Mostly, I'll probably be complaining about the absurdities of life. You know, the things I hate and that drive me crazy, as the title of the blog would indicate. Hopefully I'll even provide some solutions, even if it is just, "stop fucking doing that because you're an asshole."

When I first conceived of this idea, I started to jot down a brief list of the things I hate. It quickly grew, and with it grew my internal fury. So in the interest of my health and the sanity of those close to me, I may actually try to throw in an occasional post about something I love. I try to be fair. Most of my curmudgeonly...ness(?) stems from my frustration with people's pervasive retardation, so I guess it's only fair to acknowledge when people get things right, too, right? It just happens way less often.

I am Andy Rooney with less-bushy eyebrows. I am Larry David with hair. (I am way younger than both those guys.) I am: The Curmudgeon.

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