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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mac People

I hate Mac people. I'm a PC guy, and the number one reason for that is because I find Mac people so annoying. Mac people are like right-wing, fundamentalist, Evangelical Christians (don't worry; I'll get to them in another post), always trying to convert you to their way of life, whereas PC people are laid back, just minding their own business. You never hear PC people telling you you have to get a PC. They have a quiet confidence that says, "whatever you want to do is your choice. I happen to prefer PCs." To me, Mac people are like those bitter people who subconsciously overcompensate for their bad decisions by trying to convince you to make the same bad decisions that, deep down, in places where they're actually honest with themselves, they know are wrong. Screw your single-button mouse and Safari browser. But also, to be fair, screw Windows for designing Vista to mimic Macs. That was a serious show of weakness. Maybe the insecurity paradigm is shifting after all...

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