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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Abortion Express

My friend, who's a private flight attendant (i.e. - high-priced escort), said that on her last trip, she saw a plane with a human fetus painted on it. So I said, "That's my plane! The Abortion Express! Free coat hangers for every passenger . . . for your dry cleaning . . ." To which she responded by saying I was "TERRIBLE!!!!" (Yes, it was in all caps, and yes, I think it was followed by four exclamation marks.)

Well, maybe I am terrible, but c'mon, that's actually not a bad idea. Think about it. They have casino boats because it's illegal to gamble on land, so why not abortion flights for where it's illegal to have abortions?! See, I'm actually thinking up new ways to protect women's right to choose. You're welcome.

(Special thanks to Eleni!)

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