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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Old Testament Had A Point

It's funny, when I was growing up in Jew school, I remember complaining to the teacher in class (shocker) about how unfair it seemed that God punished a man's children, and children's children, and children's children's children, for that first man's sins, when the transgressor's progeny couldn't possibly have done anything to change things! . . . But it seems God was an epigeneticist. Read this fascinating article about how we have way more control than we probably we want over the health of our offspring, and their offspring, and so on...,8599,1951968,00.html


  1. link not working

  2. Weird. Thanks for the heads up, but it seems to be working now. Try again? Maybe try copying and pasting it? Me not good with techmology.