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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She Just Needed To Be Called Out

Arizona governor, Jan Brewer, who wasn't even elected (she took power when the actually elected governor left to work for Obama), who signed that ludicrously racist immigration bill that basically allows police to ass-rape anyone who looks Mexican with their billy clubs, had the ball-bag to say this: "I firmly believe God has placed me in this powerful position of Arizona's governor to help guide our state through the difficulties that we are currently facing."

If this is what God is occupying himself with, then he's dumber than I thought. Seriously, shut the fuck up and step down.


  1. She's the DEVIL, God had nothing to do with it! Racial profiling is illegal...this makes me so mad!!! Who are these idiots?

  2. Seriously? God made you governor? Ugh, that makes me want to throw up a little.