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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Register Sign

You know how some fast food establishments have those signs at the register that say, "If we forget to give you a receipt, your meal is free!"? Well, Subway has one of these now except theirs reads, "Ask for a receipt. If you don't get one, your meal is free."

What?! What fucked up hiring policy are you implementing if there's even a remote chance one of your employees could be so insane they'd deny a customer who specifically requested one, a receipt?! Has this ever happened? What an empty gesture. I mean, just imagine that scenario for a second:

CUSTOMER: Can I please have a receipt with that?


CUSTOMER: Huh? I want a receipt. It says right here you have to give me one.


And that's when the customer should start slowly backing away from the counter. Because when that customer then points out that his meal is now free, I'm sure that employee will be totally reasonable about reimbursing his credit card. Again, ridiculous.


  1. I once purposely flustered and confused a subway employee with conversation to make her forget to give me a receipt. When I pointed out that she had forgot, she almost burst into tears and said please don't make her give it to me for free because her manager would take it out of her paycheck. Ah Subway...just when I thought you couldn't get less classy...

  2. Oh, Donovan, making Subway cashiers cray...shame on you...