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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Step It Up, Intervention

I realize this is really wrong to say, but I often work at an adolescent drug and alcohol rehab center, and for the amount of hot girls I see pass through there, percentage-wise, the A&E show Intervention really doesn't have enough hotties featured.

Okay, I'll go back to rotting in hell now. Thank you for your time...


  1. Well, moron, think about this. Almost everyone on Intervention has been using for like 5/10/20 years and everyones at the end of their rope with options. You work with teenagers, mostly at their first, maybe second program. I promise you, over 10 years of using and they won't be as attractive. Part 2 to this rant - hot girls barely hit a bottom, cause, well, they're hot and just find some lonely, fat, ugly, rich dude to support their habit.

  2. I know. That's why you never see any hot homeless chicks. Haha...

  3. ^ That was depressing!

    Try watching Obsessed. Sometimes there are attractive women on there, this week's episode had a 20 year old who was very pretty. I'll make my way towards hell now.

  4. I can get behind OCD. At least they're clean, right?

  5. Cleanliness, tapping, afraid of food in some way, but I did see one where a man was a hoarder.

    P.S. About Part 2 of njfromnj's rant, hot girls DO hit rock bottom, they just aren't hot any more when they do. All the people on Intervention were pretty until they reached the stage before rock bottom. So I guess the key is to get them when they need a sugar daddy but before they start stealing from you.