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Monday, November 30, 2009

Sir, I Need To See Your Boarding Pass and ID

Just once I want to see one of these romantic comedies end realistically. I want the build-up to that stale, overdone, last-minute, airport rescue, where the guy rushes to the airport, leaves his still-fucking-running car at the Departures curbside, and runs onto the plane itself to stop the love of his life from leaving forever. I want to see the version where the guy rushes to catch the girl before her flight leaves, leaves his car running at the curb, then gets to the pre-gate security, where they look at him like he's insane for trying to get through without a ticket, and he's forced to turn around. The girl's flight leaves, and he slinks off, back to his car, only to find that it's been towed or stolen.

Then again, maybe that has been done. I wouldn't know. I don't watch that shit.

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