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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Which Came First, The Slob or the Failure?

Your car isn't your bathroom. In the last five days, I've had the pleasure of witnessing drivers doing the following:

1. A woman putting on deodorant.

2. A woman doing her makeup.

3. A man shaving.

4. And, my favorite/most utterly repugnant, a woman popping multiple pimples in her rear-view mirror.

Aside from the obvious dangers inherent in performing these acts while operating a motor vehicle, they're just plain disgusting.

I also noticed that all four of these people had really beat-up, piece-of-shit cars. Coincidence? No, obviously not. These people are fuck-ups. Do your grooming at home. There's a reason everyone else does. Because it's repulsive to look at, and because they want to succeed in life.

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