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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Know Your Step-mom Watches Too Much Fox News When...

I called my step-mom to check in and say hi the other day, and we had an interesting conversation. She was telling me how she called the doctor to see about getting the H1N1 vaccination, but the doctor said they were out. And I said, yeah, I know, they haven't been able to produce enough to meet the demand yet. And then she goes, "I know. How do you like your Obama now?"

What? What?! How is Obama responsible for creating and spreading Swine Flu?! And how is he also responsible for not making enough of the vaccine to satisfy her?! I asked her if she was even aware, anymore, of the absurdity of the right-wing propaganda she blindly repeats after my father forces her to watch Sean Hannity. She just laughed.


  1. try talking to my dad after he's finished watching Glenn Beck...before he calms down....

  2. I'm engrossed picturing Obama in a lab coat working on the serum. America is in your hands, sir!