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Thursday, November 26, 2009

What Is This Salty Discharge?

Happy Thanksgiving! Or, as a friend of a friend proffers, Happy Tricked-The-Indians Day! Don't worry; I'm not gonna rant about that whole thing. BOOORRRIIINNNGGG... It's been overdone. Yes, we killed off practically an entire indigenous people for our personal, greedy gain. Welcome to being White. We're assholes of, literally, historic proportions.

This year, I decided to take Thanksgiving off. That's right. Not in the boycott sense, because I don't have any major moral qualms about this holiday (save for the aforementioned genocide). I turned down all the very gracious offers of free food and festive company, a few of which were even from people I like, in favor of a day of complete solitude. I value my alone time.

And today, I woke up, and it was 85 and sunny in LA, so I left my house to go for a long walk, a sort of recon mission, to find out what was open for food. As I chipperly sauntered down the relatively barren (even by LA standards) streets of LA, I noticed that there was still a decent amount of pedestrian traffic, and that these pedestrians looked pretty sad and lonely, particular the homeless and elderly ones.

And that's when irony struck: these people weren't alone by choice, like I was. They were just plain, old-fashioned alone. And that really bummed me out. And so, on the day that I specifically isolated myself from the people who care about me, I actually felt the most grateful for all my friends and family who drive me to the brink of insanity. Thanks, guys. As much as I complain, I'd be sad and lonely without you...

(Oh, and here's why I chose this post's title, in case you didn't already know...)


  1. Interesting....having that just said is nice to hear.

    hah. common.

  2. awwww. i read these and smile and wince (usually back to back) and finally this post made me break down and accept ur invitation to be a fan on facebook. all it took was some real, honest, salty discharge.

  3. Oh, Steph! Better late than never. I guess I had you at "salty discharge." Thanks for coming around...