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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blow Js

I was talking to a friend of mine, and she was saying that she actually likes to give blow jobs (god bless her soul). So I told her what a wonderful service she was doing for humanity, and how that's so important in a relationship, etc...

And then I said, I feel like girls should have to let you know, in advance, where they stand on the whole blow-job front. Like, on the first date, they should say something like, "just so you know, i don't really enjoy giving blow jobs, so you're gonna have to ask a lot, and it's really gonna be a chore for me to blow you more than once a week." I just want honesty. Just so I can make an honest assessment and either move forward from there, knowing and accepting that information, or end things before we get in too deep (no pun intended). I mean, that's just practical, right?

You know what you call it when a girl has her period? Blow-job week. And then they'll always go, "but it doesn't last a whole week!" And that's when you say, "let's err on the safe side." And if you can discern what they say after that, then you obviously didn't get the job done (again, no pun intended)...

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