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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bill Gates Hates Africa?

Someone close to me actually said these things during a conversation we were having about Bill Gates giving a lot of money to charity:

Person Close to Me: What is Bill Gates thinking?! Malaria and AIDS are the best things that ever happened to those people.

Curmudgeon: THOSE people?

Person Close to Me: In Africa.

Curmudgeon: So let me get this straight, you're saying malaria and AIDS are good for the already-impoverished people in Africa? That statement just came out of your mouth?

Person Close to Me: Shut up. It's your fault; I said it because you laughed.

Curmudgeon: That makes no sense! I didn't laugh until AFTER you said it!

Person Close to Me: Yeah, but I only said it because I knew you'd laugh. That makes it your fault.

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