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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Progressively More Annoying

I'm guessing that by now the Progressive Auto Insurance girl has gotta know everyone hates her, right? How much do you think she overcompensates when she meets new people? Trying extra hard to be subdued and not annoying... Or, do you think her friends all lie to her and tell her she's funny?


  1. *shrug* I think she's ok... Better than the Geico oogly-eye money.

  2. Oh, I hate the Geico money commercials. But what I REALLY hate is the fucking cavemen. It was funny for like a minute. It's over now. Move on.

  3. Wait. Back it up. BEEP BEEP. Gaffi, did you just say "I think she's okay," re: the Progressive girl?! Gaffi, we were getting along so well... She is far from okay; please embrace this undeniable truth...pretty please?

    With regard to the Geico commercials, agreed, they are getting ridiculous. They need to stop trying so hard.

  4. 'She's ok' is a far cry from 'she's the greatest thing ever.' I'm simply making the point that I frequently find myself annoyed/creeped out by many other commercials above those from Progressive.

    It's ok, we can still be friends.

  5. Haha. Fair enough. Where do you stand on the Free Credit Report band?

  6. Actually, I think they used to be kind of awesome. The jingles were catchy and witty (the pirate-waiters and lowrider ones come to mind), but then they ran out of ideas and just beat the crap into the ground. For example, a recent one I saw had vikings(?) or something like that... I blocked it from my memory.

  7. I'm with Gaffi; I liked the first commercial with the Free Credit Report band, the one with the pirate waiters. I was done after that.