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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The King > The Closer

Awesome article. I've always said that Kobe's shooting percentage on game-winners isn't actually good, and he would be way more clutch if he learned to pass the ball to someone who was much more open at the end of games, like Jordan learned to do (had he not, we probably wouldn't remember the names of these unlikely heroes: Bill Wennington, John Paxson, Steve Kerr, and Jud Buechler).

That's also why I think LeBron is more clutch at the end of games, because he's willing to get another shooter a good look rather than force up a heavily-contested one. Players in the NBA are at such a high skill level that almost all of them have an excellent chance of making a shot at the end of the game, especially if you can get them open looks. That being said, if I did have to pick one guy to take a final shot, it very well could be Kobe, but that's a different question...

Here's the article:


  1. I will no longer read this blog. You lost all creditability and respect. No where in that article did it mention Lebrons free throw shooting. You can make manipulate stats to make one player better than the next, but the bottom line is who wins games/championships in the end. Lebron is a spoiled head case that cant win games b/c his mother fucks his teammantes.

  2. Ahhh...the classic "His mother fucks his teammates" argument. Tough to dispute. But, try this: let me know how many championships Kobe would've won had the Memphis Grizzlies gift-wrapped Pau Gasol for the Cavs instead of the Lakers in exchange for NOTHING, because I'm pretty certain before Gasol got there, they were a mediocre team with Kobe jacking up 30 shots per night...