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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Has Gotta Be EXACTLY What Jesus Had in Mind...

Wow. I don't even know where to begin. I stumbled upon this gem the other day while doing a little research on the Terry Schiavo case, randomly enough, and was just completely overwhelmed. I tried to make sense of it and find specific items to mock for you guys, but there was just too much.

Can you imagine the ADHD, schizophrenic, severely repressed, self-loathing sociopath who sits at home updating this thing?! He/she is like a hoarder of useless (as if there's another kind) Jesus information. Peruse the home page, click a link, whatever . . . Between the clutter, the colors, the moving text, and, of course, the content, I promise, you will not be disappointed. Enraged? Perhaps. But you will certainly find endless hours of entertainment. You're welcome:


  1. OMG, headache.

    Is that site for real? It can't be...can it? I just read the page about 666 and I'm just speechless.

  2. Did you see this awesome picture on his About page?

    And then...
    "In 2002 the Lord opened a wonderful door of opportunity through this internet ministry..."
    THE LORD did not invent the internet, buddy.

  3. Is that some dude playing lap steel guitar? I told you; it's bizarre.