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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Built Ford Dumb

Watch this Ford commercial real fast:

Who the hell waves at you at the gas station? When's the last time the proprietor came out and waved to you as you stood there filling your own gas tank at the self-service pump, let alone was even there?! He's not your friend because "he's got his hand in your wallet?" I didn't realize he wasn't supposed to turn a profit when he bought a gas station so that he could feed his family. Jeez, you have high standards for friends. Oh, wait. Aren't you trying to stick your hand in my wallet with this commercial by trying to get me to buy your car, upon which, something tells me, you intend to turn a profit?

Also, stop writing every other word on the screen. It's annoying. I'm not deaf. I heard it when you said it. If I wanted captions I'd turn on the hearing-impaired feature. Asshole.

And who gives a shit about torque?! Enough with the torque already!


  1. LOL! Nice.

    But isn't there another question: Why is Ford using a computer generated image of a car in their car commercial?? Way to sell your product, Ford.

  2. Thanks, Yvonne. Don't get me even more riled up.