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Thursday, May 6, 2010


I find it disconcerting that cheating on your spouse is called "adultery." Adult-ery? Makes me feel like it's an inevitability of adulthood and that's depressing. So I propose a name change: childery. We'll call it childery, since cheating more accurately reflects the actions of an impetuous child than those of an "adult" . . . whatever the hell that is . . .


  1. but children don't cheat, ADULTS do, hence the name. Calling it childery would only give all those adults an excuse - as if letting them off the hook.

  2. Can you clarify what you mean?...since there seems to be several interpretations and I do understand what "anonymous" is saying.

  3. I think Curmudgeon is just saying that mature adults don't cheat because it's a childish thing to do. Hence changing the term from adultery to childery.

  4. Thanks! I figured that's what Curmudgeon meant. I just wanted to see what he'll say. I find it entertaining when he's all hot and heavy in an argumentative, know-it-all conversation!

  5. Thank you, Atheist. Look at you, WG, trying to get me all worked up! I'm watching you...