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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Anyone Know Where To Get A Corsage?

Watch this:

Back in February of 1997, that steaming turd of a song was the number one single in America. That was also the month of my senior prom. The reason I mention this is because one week ago, it was my birthday, and I was feeling bummed about getting older. Then, an amazing thing happened this weekend: I got asked to prom. By a senior in high school. A female. A cute one, at that. For real. And that made me feel way less old. So thank you, you fresh-faced, spirit-lifting, teen angel, you, for making the aging process infinitely more tolerable this time around...

The Curmudgeon: attracting high-school girls for almost 20 years . . . which is probably about how long my jail sentence would be if I'd acted on it at any point in the last 10.


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  2. A) Do not reveal my name on this site!

    B) But I like the swings!