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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fortune Favors the Retarded

Watch this crap and then we'll discuss:

"Fortune favors the bold?" That's what you're going with here, Guinness? Because I just looked up "bold," and it said "courageous and daring." It didn't say anything about being a fucking retard. I checked.

Alright, so putting aside the absolute gang-raping of inertia in this commercial, let's examine the absurdity of it: a guy asks for a raise while drinking during the day, while on the job, after having only been there less than a week . . . and Guinness condones this?! This is the image Guinness wants to portray of people who drink their beer? I want someone to try this, get fired, because that's really the only possible outcome, and then sue the shit out of Guinness. That would make me happy.

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