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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Holy Tofu Kids

Here's what my little brother wrote on his blog today ( ):

"Recently it dawned on me that kids are a lot like tofu. Yes, there are different types of tofu - soft, medium, extra firm, etc, but in general, it just takes on the flavor of whatever it’s cooked in. That is how I think of kids - they are born with certain characteristics, but in general, they are molded by how mentally insane their parents are or are not…just a thought…"
First of all, we are clearly related. Secondly, I say he should have extended that analogy directly to religion. Every asshole is so certain that his/her god is the right one...but they would've believed in whatever piece-of-shit deity the religion they were born into told them to believe in! The fundamentalist Evangelical Christians in the US would've been suicide bombers if they'd been born into extremist Muslim families that encouraged that. (I'm aware there are exceptions. Calm down.)

For me, that's one of the most arrogant aspects of religion: that believers overwhelmingly believe in the religion of their parents, and therefore imply that they are superior by birth when they claim that the religion they were born into is the right one, making all others wrong. It's really fucking arrogant, and it automatically divides people who may otherwise get along...probably by bonding about shitty entertainment like Gossip Girl, or The Ugly Truth, or Miley Cyrus... On second thought, maybe there should be an all-out holy war. As long as the non-believers can sit on the sidelines with buttered popcorn and watch...which is kind of what we tend to do anyway.

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